Robert Mueller indicts twelve Russians

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IF ALL America can be said to have been under attack when hijackers turned four airliners on it in 2001, the assault Russian agents launched on American democracy in 2016 represented a full-blown war. The 12 fresh charges against Russian intelligence officers unveiled by the deputy attorney-general, Rod Rosenstein, on July 13th, offered a few important new details about that attack, confirmed many long-held fears, and suggested there may be much more of the scandal to unfold.

A previous round of indictments against Russian hackers, which then as now sprang from the investigations of Robert Mueller, the special counsel who is investigating the Russian attack, suggested it was audacious and flagrant but relatively limited. It focused on a godless Russian effort to flood social media with images of Jesus rooting for Donald Trump and Satan for Hillary Clinton. The latest indictment points to a much more complicated, multifarious effort to swing the election for Mr Trump.

It included hacking the computer systems of Mrs Clinton’s…Continue reading

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