The case against impeachment

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ALAN DERSHOWITZ has had a pair of alternative covers mocked up for his new book, “The Case Against Impeaching Trump”. On one, which the celebrity legal scholar means to brandish as proof that his pre-emptive defence of President Donald Trump is apolitical, the word “Trump” has been replaced with “Clinton”. A lifelong Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, the 79-year-old Harvard man says he is “still devastated” that she lost the election and would be making the same constitutionally grounded argument on her behalf had she won. The other option is a humorous acknowledgment that not many in Mr Dershowitz’s thinning crowd of liberal friends and admirers are likely to be impressed by that. To encourage at least furtive reading of his book, the second mock-cover is a plain brown paper wrapper, “like they used to use to cover pornography”.

No one need feel sorry for him. Mr Dershowitz, once a brilliant scholar and defender of celebrity clients, including Claus von…Continue reading

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