World Lacrosse Championship Kicks Off in Israel

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The 2018 World Lacrosse Championship, which starts on Thursday in Netanya, was never supposed to have been in Israel. In May of 2017, English Lacrosse withdrew from hosting duties for the quadrennial tournament, announcing that the event would “[place] the governing body and sport at unacceptable financial risk.” The world’s only Jewish-majority country then stepped in to rescue the premier event of the most archetypically preppy sport this side of sailing.

Except is anything in the preceding sentence correct? I was in the minority of kids in my Jewish sleep-away camp in western Maryland who didn’t arrive with a lacrosse stick in tow, and while lacrosse is more or less the L.L.Bean of sports, it is also the creation of Native Americans—historically the most brutalized and marginalized segment of American and Canadian society and people for whom the game has an altogether different significance than it might have for players in, say, Bethesda.

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