For Alan Dershowitz, a Lesson in Contemporary Liberalism

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Of all the news that was fit to print last week, one story captivated the imagination of our commenting class: Alan Dershowitz’s lament, in a piece for The Hill, that he was no longer welcomed at dinner parties on Martha’s Vineyard, where he spends his summers, because of his defense of President Donald Trump. “I never thought I would see McCarthyism come to Martha’s Vineyard,” lamented the celebrated lawyer, sending journalists into paroxysms of opinionation. Some saw Dershowitz as a preening prattler who cried foul at the first hint of criticism. Some hailed him for his principled defense of his liberal convictions, even when these convictions meant defending the man liberals most reviled. Some went meta and blasted their colleagues for caring at all, asserting that l’affaire Dershowitz was, like so many presidential tweets, just an exercise in distraction.

All were wrong.

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