The Supreme Court lets Americans lose money in a new way

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The next round is on someone else

AMERICANS love gambling. Nearly two-thirds of adults place some sort of stake each year, and about one-tenth visit Las Vegas to try their luck. Some even bet on whether the Supreme Court would strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992, which prohibits most sports gambling in states other than Nevada. On May 14th the justices ruled in favour of New Jersey, which violated the act in 2014 by legalising such wagers. Chris Christie, a former governor, had argued that PASPA represented an unconstitutional federal infringement.

The new precedent could have broad implications, perhaps making it harder for the federal government to impose other laws, such as those covering drugs and immigration. For now, it ends America’s stint as the only rich country that prevents most sports fans from betting. Each state will now decide whether to permit it. New Jersey will do so quickly. Pious states such as…Continue reading

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