Transcript: An interview with Marco Rubio

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Senator Marco Rubio takes a seat at a table in his Senate office, carrying a notepad, on which he says he is drafting a speech on his thoughts for a new reform conservative agenda. Lexington had requested an interview with him, several weeks previously, to discuss precisely this.

Lexington:  The speech?
Marco Rubio: Yeah, I’m kind of giving a framework on our, I say domestic policy, but really it’s the challenges that every, advanced, industrialised Western country, and maybe some in Asia are, are facing. You see it manifest politically, but you see it manifest socially and culturally, so…

You’re planning a speech in the Senate on this?
I don’t know when it is, I’m trying to write a bunch of my thoughts together.

But this is the new conservative agenda?
Well, I mean the conservative part is about what the broader conservative response to the issues should be. I’m, I’m an incredibly optimistic person;…Continue reading

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