James Comey against the president

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IN A televised interview on April 15th, James Comey tore into the president who sacked him as FBI director last year. Donald Trump, he said, in an appearance intended to publicise his forthcoming book, “lies constantly”, runs his administration like a mob boss, treats and speaks of women like they are “pieces of meat” and is, for these and other reasons, “morally unfit” to be president.

Mr Trump also has “average size” hands, “orange” skin, hair that appears on close inspection to be real, but which must “take a heck of a lot of time in the morning” to arrange, and always wears his ties too long, said Mr Comey, whose projected self-image as a dispassionate and dutiful public servant has always been undermined by a relish for political drama.

The president, characteristically, had got his defence in early. Hours before the interview was broadcast on ABC, he referred to Mr Comey on Twitter as a “slimeball” for the second time in three days. He also said Mr Comey, a former Republican, though he was appointed…Continue reading

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