The (Yeshiva) Basketball Diaries

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Of course I kvelled. How could I not? Yeshiva University’s basketball team had made it to the NCAA Division III finals. I am not only an alumna of the school: I was also captain of both the Yeshiva University High School basketball team (then known as BTA, or Brooklyn Talmudic Academy) and the college team now known as the Maccabees (then known as The Mighty Mites, but more on that later). Even though they lost the first game of the playoffs, it is quite an achievement for the underachieving basketball program. And it’s definitely good for the Jews. You can imagine how proud I felt.

I moved from Ramat Gan, Israel, to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, as a five-year-old. We lived down the block from a fenced-in park next to the boardwalk and the beach. My friends from the park attended PS 253 while I went to the Yeshiva of Brighton, where I had an entirely different group of friends. During summer vacation, I’d hang out with my park friends and shoot hoops from morning till night, but when school started in September we’d go our separate ways and I’d repeat the pattern each year.

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