WATCH: Israel’s Eurovision Entry is a Massive Pop Monster

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I get it: Americans don’t care about the Eurovision. For some reason, folks stateside don’t understand the continental singing competition, which, really, is just a continuation of war by other means. But the contest, which will be held in May in Portugal, is the sort of thing that thirty billion people, give or take, tune in to watch, and which is studied and discussed as diligently and somberly as battles, assassinations, and coronations.

How does Israel fare? After back-to-back victories in 1978 and 1979—with “A-Ba-Ni-Bi” and “Hallelujah”, respectively—the Jewish state experienced a winning draught, which most of us blamed on anti-Semitism rather than the quality of the music we sent to represent us. It took 20 years for Dana International to deliver a third and glorious victory in 1998, but ever since it’s been doom and gloom, mostly, for Israel at the Eurovision.

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