LeBrun | I would not deal Alex Galchenyuk

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Alex Galchenyuk can’t seem to escape inclusion in trade rumors, but it remains to be seen whether Marc Bergevin will move the 24-year-old forward with the February 26 deadline looming.

“I haven’t heard his name out there that much, to be quite honest,” relayed NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun during a Tuesday evening appearance on Montreal’s TSN 690. “But I also haven’t been told by a team that they called and that Montreal has said, ‘Don’t call.’ So where does that leave things. I think that probably leaves things where it should be left on a lot of players for that team – you can’t afford to say, ‘Don’t phone,’ when you’re needing to listen and be open-minded about ways to retool your team headed into September.

“But compared to the names that we’re hearing routinely – from Mike Hoffman to Patrick Maroon, etc. – we’re just not hearing Galchenyuk as much. And I don’t want to come here and say he won’t get dealt, I’m just telling you that I’m not hearing his name as much as I did in the off-season last summer.”  

The conversation continued.

“Certainly when I’ve talked to other teams about what they think of him it’s interesting because you get a lot of the same answers,” indicated LeBrun. “Which is, ‘When he’s on, he just wows you and we great these great scouting reports back.’ But then there have been games, as you know, where he can be invisible and there can be scouts at those games too. So I think other teams wonder: if they’re going to pay a huge price price for him, what player are they getting.

“For me, again, I guess it’s easy to say from my vantage point because I’m not on the hot seat. But I wouldn’t move him. I just think that at the end of the day, I really feel in his case eventually he’s going to be a more consistent player and the good games are going to vastly outweigh the invisible ones, and you’re going to be happy that he’s there creating on your team. And I think we’re seeing more and more of that; but again, there are nights where it’s not there.”

Galchenyuk is in the first season of his three-year, $14.7 million contract, which comes with a $4.9 million cap hit.

Source: TSN 690, CapFriendly

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