Is the Supreme Court softening on Donald Trump’s travel ban?

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ON THE eve of two appeals court hearings on the third version of Donald Trump’s travel ban, the Supreme Court stepped in to give the Trump administration a major, if temporary, victory. In a pair of curtly worded orders released on December 4th, the justices granted the administration’s wish to allow Mr Trump’s September proclamation limiting foreign travel to America to take full effect pending the lower-court proceedings. But they urged each appeals court to “render its decision with appropriate dispatch” following this week’s hearings. The justices also hinted that if Mr Trump’s travel ban reaches their courtroom, a majority may be unreceptive to arguments it should be struck down as executive overreach or a violation of the constitution.

The order at issue followed two earlier attempts to ban travel from six majority-Muslim countries in January and March. Mr Trump’s first two orders encountered judicial resistance at district and circuit courts on both coasts. When the second order expired this autumn, Mr Trump…Continue reading

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