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This Trick Will Instantly Tell You If Clothes Are Cheap Or Well-Made

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Have you ever found yourself at a thrift store or yard sale pondering the quality of an item in your hand?

Even at inexpensive chain stores, quality can differ from piece to piece.

Then you should shop like an ~expert~ and try the SCRUNCH AND PULL TEST.

That’s right, people. Scrunch and pull (no, not bend and snap).

To do the “scrunch test,” ball part of the garment up in your fist, hold it for a few seconds, and then let it go.

If the fabric stays wrinkly, it’s poor quality. But if the wrinkles come out when you release it, then you’ve found a decent fabric.

For the “pull test,” gently tug on the fabric and then release it.

For the "pull test," gently tug on the fabric and then release it.

Does the fabric retain its shape or does it look stretched out? Materials that go back to their original shape after the “pull test” are more likely to withstand the test of time. This trick works especially well on skirts and dresses.



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