26 Food Hacks That Will Make You Laugh But Also Cry

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1. Grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese.

LF1MGaming / Via Twitter: @LF1MGaming

“I swear I have gotten every single person I know hooked on this. It sounds so weird but I promise it’s delicious. I spread grape jelly on the top of my grilled cheese. It can be a little messy but if you hold it like pizza, not so much.” —brittnyw

2. Gummy bears.

Gummy bears.

beardsleymegan / Via instagram.com

“FREEZE YOUR GUMMY BEARS!! They become really hard and then you suck on them so they become soft and chewy, allowing you to experience the flavor in all of its glory. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.” —laurenw55

3. Black and white cookies.

Black and white cookies.

lalalalalooola / Via instagram.com

“Split a black and white cookie so each piece has black and white on it.” —melissak4f9598632

4. Any kind of Cheetos.

Any kind of Cheetos.

oscarisaacposts / Via Twitter: @oscarisaacposts

“Eat Cheetos with chopsticks. You’ll never have orange fingers ever again!” —erikab4b3d8b330

5. Doughnuts with icing.

Doughnuts with icing.

lindsaystephenson / Via instagram.com

“Stop what you’re doing and flip that delicious doughnut upside down. This kid I went to high school with once told me that the trick to eating a doughnut is biting it so that the icing is facing down so it will come into contact with your tastebuds first. Trust me, it works.” —caseyrackham

6. French fries.

French fries.

woolywalkers / Via instagram.com

“Instead of salting/peppering/whatever-ing french fries, I usually put some ketchup out and season that instead. Sometimes I’ll have like two to three ketchup piles on a plate with different spices.” —Michael Gettings, Facebook


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