Robbers Increasingly Target Social Media Posts

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What social media networks don’t want you to know may hurt.

The rise of social media has brought our daily lives into plain view. A flood of instagram and snapchat feeds from millions of mobile users around the world gives us a patchwork of information regarding the behaviors of society. Seemingly harmless mundane tasks though, can help those with evil intentions prey on unsuspecting users. In the media we have seen many examples of the result of such postings.


On Thursday, a teenage girl posted a photo of a “large sum of cash” on Facebook. About seven hours later, two robbers arrived at her family’s home. Unsurprisingly, this incident prompted local authorities to issue a warning about the dangers of posting photographs online.

From the Palm Beach Post:

A posting to a photo and video messaging app led to a home invasion and robbery last month in suburban Boca Raton, authorities said.

There are no shortage of similar anecdotes of victims of social media targeting. The following infographic gives us some insight into the real depth of this problem.


From ZDNet:

You might remember this incident from last year: Until they were caught, three robbers in New Hampshire checked Facebook status updates and managed to get away with $200,000 worth of stolen goods after breaking into 50 homes.

On the flip side, and quite ironically, social media has resulted in the capture of bank robbers who for some reason thought it was a good idea to post a selfie with their stolen cash.

From AOL:

After he was on his merry way, he thought the next best idea, you know, after robbing a bank after being released from jail, was to pose with said stolen cash and post the pics on social media, along with his girlfriend.


At the end of the day, it’s probably a safe bet to be more cautious about your social media posting habits, and when in doubt use common sense.

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