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17 Wondrous Things That Will Make Life With Boobs Easier

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1. Keep the twins dry with boob-specific antiperspirant.

Keep the twins dry with boob-specific antiperspirant.

Fresh Breasts is a talc-free cream that dries to a clumpless powder. Get it here($11.99), and keep your boob sweat at bay all day.

2. Or fight sweat and discomfort with a bra liner.

These bamboo liners will keep you dry all day, and put a nice buffer between your underwire and your girls. Grab one ($19.95) here.

3. Banish boob gap (no sewing required!).

Apply lazy girl hack test winner sticky-back Velcro to your button-down shirts, and live gap-free forever. Pick up a pack ($5.99) here.

4. Know your underwires.

Know your underwires.

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For all the conversation around finding the right bra size, there’s surprisingly little out there about how underwire shapes vary across brands. Educate yourself on underwires here, and abolish armpit-poking for good.

5. Wash before wearing…

Wash before wearing...

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Unless you’re buying a new bra just so you have a clean one to wear immediately, you should give it a wash — or three — to soften it up ahead of time and avoid rubbing. Simple, but important.


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